Sunday, February 8, 2009

tg piai

its already 25 yrs over n yet yesterday was my 1st time i visited tanjung piai. the most souhtern tip of mainland asia. the scenery was really great yet very windy and breezy. felt sleepy and dizzy. these are some pics. i went there with razif and his bro. actually tanjung piai is come together with singapore when we are decided to spend our sunday. at last we choosed tg piai as we want to look our Johor great places. theres were bad comment while were searching for info about tg piai. what we do is just go there n see that they got for us. yet it just 90km from jb or 75km from skudai. here we go..
i will post great scenery for u all.. im too tired to write. hahaha

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